Monday, May 28, 2012

FLOWER BEACH BAG Crochet Pattern Giveaway


My new design the FLOWER BEACH BAG Crochet Pattern. To enter for a chance to win the first copy follow the rules below and then comment saying you did so. Make in any color combination for endless results.  Pattern is made using PLARN(From KEEP ON GIVIN) but can be used in any worsted weight yarn. Plarn is a great new(to me) item. Perfect for beach bags as the PLARN will not mold or smell if carrying wet items.
1. "Like" my Facebook page - Mother Dear Crochet - by following the link below. If you are already a fan comment on my wall!
2. Share the "FLOWER BEACH BAG Giveaway" photo from my Facebook page on your personal page. Comment below with your e-mail address stating you have done steps 1&2 for one entry.
3. Share the "FLOWER BEACH BAG Giveaway" photo on your Facebook business page for a 2nd entry. Comment a second time with your e-mail address and business name.
4. Become a follower of my blog for a 3rd entry if  you are already a follower share my blog on  your Facebook page. Comment below saying you did so with your email address and that you have done step #4
5. "Like" my new Facebook page - Kritter Crafts - and comment on my wall- by following the link below. If you are already a fan comment on my wall!
Comment below saying you did so for a 4th entry.

Comment for each entry, each comment will count as one entry. So if you comment "I did all 4" that only counts as 1 entry.
You do not need a blogger account to enter! You can comment under "anonymous." But Please be sure to include your e-mail so I know where to send the winner's pattern.
This giveaway is in no way associated with or endorsed by Facebook.

Good luck to all
Mother Dear Crochet


  1. Steps 1&2 done.

  2. Step 4 done. Already a fan so commented on your wall

  3. Step 5 done new fan Carmel Feaser

  4. 3rd entry done

  5. 1&2 steps done

  6. 2nd step done


  7. I've commented on your (like your page alraedy)
    and shared the contest


  8. Shared on my business page (Graceful Whims)


  9. I am following your blog


  10. I liked your new site and commented on the wall!


  11. Did step 1 and 2

  12. following blog did step 4

  13. Like your new page and did step 5..
    love this bag....
    Debbie Procek

  14. Step 1 Already a fan. Love your patterns.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. step 2 shared.

  16. step 4 am now following your blog

  17. step 5 liked Kritter Crafts Facebook page.

  18. Already was a fan step 1, been done for awhile :)

  19. Shared! Thanks step 2 done!

  20. Step 4 done, for awhile now also :) thanks

  21. Sorry it was step 5, not 4...

  22. Boy you are a busy lady. I have completed all the above requirements. But I was very glad to. I think this is wonderful. Now I know why you have been MIA on Hugs. I know you already have my email....But do let me know if I should share it here. Wonderful..:)

  23. Winner is number #1
    AnonymousMay 28, 2012 9:40 PM
    Steps 1&2 done.
    Please email me for your free pattern.

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